KSU marine conservation club works to diminish plastic use on campus


Members of Ocean Motion, a conservation group on campus. 

Sydney Ford

Kent State conservation club Ocean Motion puts its efforts into reducing plastic use on campus by spreading awareness and supplying reusable containers, silverware and straws.

The organization focuses on marine conservation and environmental sustainability and holds meetings and volunteer opportunities to help students get involved. Last semester, they planted over 700 trees in Cuyahoga Valley. While all its volunteer opportunities are not based on marine life, members of Ocean Motion believe their efforts help the ocean sustain the rest of the world.

“A lot of people think they have no part in what’s happening and their little plastic isn’t going to make a difference but that’s a huge misconception,” said Margot Paolucci, a freshman environmental conservation biology major and the vice president of Ocean Motion.

The members of the organization attend a monthly meeting with the sustainability managers of Kent State to discuss eco-friendly alternatives. The containers and reusable silverware that are now available at dining halls and markets were given to students on behalf of Ocean Motion’s efforts diminish plastic use.

“Although we’re not a coastal school, all of our work can leave an impact. We have the Ohio River, we have Lake Erie, we have other big areas that can lead to other issues,” said Emily Cremeans, a sophomore environmental studies major and the treasurer.

Members of the on-campus group use their science backgrounds in areas such as environmental studies and biology to educate students on the growing epidemic of climate change and global warming.

“Climate change is an issue, and it isn’t 100 percent human-driven,” said Kelly Fink, a senior biology major and the president of Ocean Motion. “It’s enough that this should be an alarming issue but not being forceful about it, not trying to induce fear. To make them aware.”

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