Students attend Love Lottery to raise money for charity

Molly Heideman

Black United Students (BUS) hosted their fourth annual Love Lottery Saturday to raise money for King Kennedy Community Center.

The Love Lottery is a semi-formal event where students can bid on dates with contestants throughout the night. All of the proceeds went to the King Kennedy Community Center.

Patrick Ferguson, a junior sociology and psychology major and Vice President of BUS, said the event is a great way for students to give back to their community in a fun way.

“Being able to work with the community, giving back, the camaraderie that comes with it and the volunteering aspect is always uplifting for the community,” said Ferguson.

King Kennedy Community Center helps underprivileged children and adults in Portage County. They provide services like tutoring, mentoring programs, senior meals and summer programs.

Ferguson said the King Kennedy Community Center is important to BUS because they founded the center in 1978. Ferguson wants students to give back to the Kent community through events like the Love Lottery, as well as many other volunteer opportunities around Kent.

Erica Carter, senior journalism major and Love Lottery event coordinator, said the event helps strengthen the bonds of students, as well as provide an opportunity to give back.

“Kent is a very small community and there are many people out there and doing outreach for African American kids, so it’s important for us (because) it’s really an event to help strengthen the community,” said Carter.

The event had three intermissions with poetry readings, a singing performance and a dance performance from Golden Reflections.

Students like Margie Tamblyn, a senior geography major, went to the Love Lottery last year and enjoyed the experience so much that she wanted to come again.

“It’s weird that we’re kind of bidding on people, but also the fact that it is going to charity, I think it’s important,” said Tamblyn.

Molly Heideman is a general assignment reporter. Contact her at [email protected].