SRVSS’ first ‘Kisses for Consent’ raises money for those in need

Kody Elsayed

When asking to kiss a romantic partner, feelings of anxiety can develop within some people. But, as difficult as it may be to ask, the consent of any physical action is necessary.

“Always ask before you do anything, that’s consent in general. But especially with relationships you always need consent, especially around Valentine’s Day,” said Jess Lockhart, Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services graduate assistant.

The first “Kisses for Consent” fundraising program by the Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services works to raise money for its emergency fund which aids people in crisis.

“We are selling Hershey kiss roses and you get to pick your message you put on the rose for a dollar donation and that donation gets put into the SRVSS emergency fund,” Ashley Wilkins, SRVSS undergraduate intern, said.

Representatives will be on the second floor of the Kent State Student Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. offering a chance for students to spread their love and understand consent with Hershey kiss roses.

“It (the event) gives you a chance to have that consensual conversation with your partner,” Lockhart said.

These roses require some sort of monetary donation, even if it’s less or more than the recommended dollar.

These proceeds will go directly into the emergency fund which is used for anyone who is facing crisis and needs assistance.

The event started Feb. 6 and will continue until Feb. 14.

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