Kent State spends $55,000 on Super Bowl ad

Samantha Farland

Editor’s note: Kent State’s new Super Bowl commercial did not air during Sunday’s game. Last year’s commercial aired one time. 

Kent State’s new Super Bowl commercial is going to air Sunday, showcasing the university’s mission.  

The $55,000 commercial will air three times, twice during the game and once after the game ends. The commercial took seven months to complete.

Kent State paid for an ad to run in last year’s Super Bowl costing more than $50,000.

“The cost for airtime was $52,350, only to air in the Cleveland market,” said Emily Vincent, Kent State’s director of university media relations.

The new commercial’s length will be similar to last year’s commercial, but each focuses on a different topic. The 2018 commercial focused on project —  a new fabric that used mood ring technology to detect changes in body temperature for diabetic patients.

This year’s commercial will focus on sharing the university’s mission: Pursue your purpose. 

The commercial will air in three markets including Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh, racking up a total cost of $55,000.

Vincent said the cost was minimal because the ad was created in-house with students and university employees, allowing them to get hands-on experience with professional equipment. 

Correction: The story was updated to reflect that it was written prior to the Super Bowl and the broadcasting of the commercial. 

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