Kent State professor indicted for assault of Kent police officer

Kent State professor Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre.

Kent State professor Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre.

Ella Abbott

Kent State professor Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre was charged with a felony assault of a police officer in July.

Police arrested Bystrova-McIntyre for driving under the influence after a Kent police officer responded to a report of reckless driving.

The arrest occurred on Adrian Avenue in Kent. Bystrova-McIntyre is also accused of assaulting Officer Leonard Kunka during the course of her arrest.

In earlier reporting, Lt. Michael Lewis of the Kent Police Department told TV2 Bystrova-McIntyre allegedly “slapped, pushed and kicked” Kunka while he was administering a field sobriety test. Kunka was not seriously injured.

The assault is a fourth-degree felony, and if convicted, Bystrova-McIntyre could face up to 18 months in prison. Bystrova-McIntyre was also charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is a misdemeanor.

Bystrova-McIntyre was released on 10 percent of a $5,000 bond. At the end of July, the case was transferred to the Court of Common Pleas for the court dates to be set.

The criminal pre-trial hearing was initially scheduled for December, but is now rescheduled for Jan. 30 with the jury trial scheduled to begin Feb. 12.

Bystrova-McIntyre’s lawyer wasn’t available for comment.

Bystrova-McIntyre is an assistant professor of Russian and translation at Kent State. This semester, she’s scheduled to teach “Russian Phonetics and Diction” and “Advanced Composition and Conversation.”

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