6 silver cruisers highlight Kent Police fleet additions


Kent City Police display new designs on cruiser #5 Jan 26, 2019.

David Williams

As the Kent Police Department (KPD) continues its transition to a new building on South Depeyster Street, a new line of cruisers is being added to the department’s fleet. Six new silver cruisers will be on the road in the coming weeks.

KPD Lt. Michael Lewis wrote in an email that the department typically replaces its fleet every three to four years.

“We use these cars 24/7 and that is a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle,” Lewis wrote. “Excessive repair costs become a bad use of money.”

The new cruisers each cost about $32,000, and the department received roughly $9,000 for each cruiser it traded in. The department initially hoped to replace the entire fleet, but, the current budget couldn’t accommodate replacing all 12 cruisers, Lewis said.

One requirement of the new cruisers is the ability for the department to utilize equipment that is still functional.

“We wanted to make sure we could re-use all of our existing light bars, back seats, partitions and other equipment that would save a lot of money by re-using equipment that still has some life in it,” he said.

In addition to the 12 patrol cruisers, the department has one prisoner transport van — otherwise known as the wagon — and several unmarked detective bureau vehicles, as well as a Jeep and pickup truck used for parking and animal compliance.

“Chief (Michelle Lee) wanted to go with a new look, and the new silver cruisers came out really nice,” he said.

David Williams is a senior reporter. Contact him at [email protected]