Sidebar on student programs/FAFSA (INCLUDE IN SHUTDOWN PACKAGE)

Alexandra Sobczak

As the partial government shutdown continues, federal student aid is not directly affected. Some programs will remain unaffected because Congress already authorized the budget for the Department of Education.

Here is some information for students about programs that remain unaffected:

  • FAFSA application: Students can still fill out the FAFSA form and make payments on federal student loans as normal, according to an announcement from the Federal Student Aid Office in the Department of Education. The federal offices, contact centers and websites will remain open and functional.

  • The Federal TRiO Programs: These programs, which are student services programs largely for low-income students, will remain funded, according to an announcement from Central Washington University.  

  • Federal Pell Grants, FSEOG grants, work-study programs and federal loans: All of these will be “disbursed as planned,” according to an announcement by UNCF.