Habitat for Humanity chapter excited for spring semester

Madeline Pigott

Although the semester is coming to an end, some work is never done.

Kent State’s Habitat for Humanity chapter is wrapping up some important aspects of its current project.

Habitat for Humanity is a bank providing loans with zero interest for people without permanent housing. They choose the families based on a list of applicants and grant the loans to those who will be able to be financially responsible for the home.

Once the family is chosen, the Habitat for Humanity bank, as well as the Kent State chapter, create a relationship with the families they are working with. The families are required to put in sweat equity by working on the build of the house or the renovation.

This semester, they took on a new build located in Ravenna that will help a family of six. This project was the biggest new build house the chapter has done in over 30 years. The house is projected to be finished by New Year’s Day.

With the current new build project wrapping up, there will be another one to begin. When winter break ends, the chapter plans to start another new build house in the spring.

Stephanie Nguyen, a junior photo illustration major, is the president of Kent State’s Habitat for Humanity. “Being a part of a group like this really opens your eyes to the issues of inadequate housing in our community,” she said. “It is an amazing experience to be able to learn about it and be a part of it.”

The chapter’s main goal for the spring semester is to meet its fundraising goal of $2,500. Some of the fundraisers they do include bingo, rake-a-thon and yoga at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The fundraisers are open to the entire Kent community, and the money from the fundraisers goes directly to Habitat of Portage County to be put towards projects. 

The chapter volunteers by offering free labor for the housing projects. It currently has roughly 40 members.

Volunteering through Habitat for Humanity fulfills volunteer requirements for other organizations. It is never too late to get involved and become a part of this organization. Contact [email protected] to get involved.  

Madeline Pigott is Mental Health and Social Services reporter. Contact her at [email protected].