SMC and BUS partner to celebrate their 50th anniversaries


Student Multicultural Table showing different cultures that are represented across campus. The scrapbook in front includes highlights from many on-campus protest and events. Nov. 5 2018

Nyla Henderson

On Monday Black United Students (BUS) along with the Student Multicultural Center, (SMC) hosted a walk-through museum, commemorating their 50th anniversaries.

“This is the celebration of the SMC and BUS 50th year, we both have been around for 50 years,” said Alexyss Gray, a senior sociology major and executive secretary of Black United Students.

The event looked at the close relationship between the SMC and BUS and how it has evolved over the last half-century.

“We were talking earlier today about how hand and hand BUS and the SMC went together,” Gray said. “There really wouldn’t be an SMC without BUS being so collaborative.”

Black United Students and the Student Multicultural Center formed from a need of inclusiveness and representation of marginalized students within the student population here at Kent State.

“BUS came before the SMC and they basically paved the way for the SMC to be created,” said Qhmaria Monteiro, a junior environmental studies and director of programming for BUS.

“The Student Multicultural Center was born from trying to create a space for minorities and people of color and that’s what BUS has been doing continuously,” Monteiro said.

The display included a video celebrating the SMC 50th anniversary, pictures of events of the 50 years and refreshments for guests.

“There are a lot of black and white photos from past years,” Gray said. “There have been a lot of iconic figures on this campus.”

The overall goal was to educate people on the 50-year history of BUS and the SMC.

“It was very nice, very eye-opening, and a lot of history,” said Shakita Van Liew, human development and family studies instructor, Ph.D. student in higher education personnel.

This event was an opportunity for current Kent State students to see the driving force that created BUS and the SMC.

“I hope that people can see how far we have come and how much progress we have made,” Monterio said.

Nyla Henderson is a diversity reporter. Contact her at [email protected].