The face of Africa


Stage of the Face of Africa pageant on Friday between performances. Oct. 26 2018.

Nyla Henderson

The Kent African Student Association, KASA, held their annual “Face of Africa” pageant on Friday. This event is an opportunity for students from Africa to showcase their individual cultures.   

“The Face of Africa pageant is basically about us portraying our culture and also showing people the beautiful side of stuff we have,” said Kevin Opoku, KASA representative, sophomore pre-med major, psychology minor.

The pageant included a talent portion, where most participants displayed some kind of culturally significant creation or talent.

“At the pageant you will see our attire, people being creative, at the same time you get to see the talents we all have in our cultures,” Opoku said.

This event is an opportunity for African students to express themselves through their culture.

“I’m glad to be participating in it because I feel like I haven’t really had a chance to really showcase my culture and my pride to other people,” said Rafiat Koiki, participant, sophomore, political science major, philosophy and paralegal studies minor.

The pageant is usually something students look forward to attending.

“I’m excited because I didn’t get to go last year,” said Arielis Rodrigues, sophomore, human development major, and family studies minor. “So I hope to see all the different countries they’re representing just really show out.”

At the end, the participants have an opportunity to be crowned as royalty as apart of the competition-like atmosphere.

“It’ll be like in a more friendly competitive way and in the end of the day we have a king, a queen, and prince and princess,” Koiki said.

This event hopes to give people a better view of what African cultures are truly like.

“Every culture is different in Africa. Everybody has a unique culture that they like to portray,” Opoku said.

Nyla Henderson is a Diversity reporter. Contact her at [email protected].