Kent takes safety precautions for Homecoming weekend

Olivia Boris

Both the Kent State University Police Department and the City of Kent Police have been working hard together to ensure the safety of all students and alumni who will be attending Homecoming festivities on Saturday.

KSU Police Department Community Resource Officer Tricia Knoles explained the measures that will take place to secure safety on campus.

“We will be fully staffed and have officers assisting with the parade and the football game,” Knoles said. “This is typical of any event and any football game.”

“On campus, there (are) typically more arrests than any other weekend,” Knoles said. “The majority of arrests are typically alcohol related and typically in the city’s jurisdiction. We do assist the city if needed.”

“One of the main things to stay safe during this weekend is to be aware of your surroundings,” Knoles said. “If you choose to consume alcohol, be responsible and drink slow with a glass of water in between each drink. Walk with a friend or two if walking in the evening.”

The city of Kent deals with incidents taking place off of campus and throughout the college town. Administrative Lieutenant with the City of Kent Police, Michael Lewis said “Kent Police will have extra staffing on Saturday, but just a few additional officers per shift.  This is not typically an all hands day.”

“We are prepared to be steady if not busy more-so in the daylight hours Saturday,” Lewis said. “This is one of those events where the parties get started early, especially because of the parade and so many people returning to Kent for a full day of activities.”

“Our approach will be similar to previous years and we want everyone to know what to expect from us,” Lewis said. “We will be enforcing all laws and city ordinances just as much as any other day.”

Underage drinking, excessively loud parties and open containers will attract the attention of police, and the police department will respond accordingly, Lewis said.

“People should not be surprised to see us if they have a lapse in good judgement,” Lewis said. “We are committed to keeping everyone safe.”

Like Knoles stated, Lewis confirms that, “the most common violations we see are party and alcohol-related offenses.”

“Our arrests include current and former students,” Lewis said. “We tend to see alumni who span many years and want to relive some previous experiences, so our incidents of disorderly conduct and alcohol-related offenses understandably increase.” 

“As Officer Knoles stated, be safe, mix in plenty of water and stay with friends who can help look after you,” Lewis said.

Olivia Boris is a Safety Reporter. Contact her at [email protected].