Lisbon photographer arrested for child pornography

Brynn Pennell

A Lisbon, Ohio photographer has been arrested and federally charged with solicitation and advertising for child pornography after a nine month FBI investigation.

David Grunden, 34, is the owner of DCG Productions, a photography, videography and web design company based out of Lisbon, Ohio.

Grunden has reached out to Kent State students in the past in attempt to have them take part in some of his photoshoots.  

According to the FBI’s charges, Grunden allegedly used four different online usernames to advertise he was hiring/looking for “very young girls” and “brutal, sadistic sick-minded men with no age restrictions at all.”

According to an affidavit, as Grunden was transported to Columbiana County Jail for further questioning he said, “I know I messed up.”

Grunden admitted that he used pictures he personally took of children and posted them on a bulletin board website in exchange for other users to give him child pornography. He also created fantasy and fictional depictions of child pornography using digital graphic design programs.

Computer Forensic Specialists from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations confirmed that around 179 depictions of child pornography were present on a computer found in a room of Grunden’s residence, which included images of a five-year-old girl.

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