Pan-African Theatre Ensemble provides performance opportunities


Members of the Pan-African Theatre Ensemble pose for a photo.

Madison Brattoli

Kent State’s Pan-African Theatre Ensemble is an organization on campus focused on producing inspiring eclectic theater and performances based on Pan-African styles.

Artistic director of the Pan-African Theatre Ensemble, Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson, started the group in fall 2016.

Forbes-Erickson conducts research on plays that entitle Pan-African experiences and curates a list of performances she wants to the group to produce.

Performances occur semesterly.

This fall semester, the play features an all black cast.

“This idea gives black actors and people of color, that range of opportunity that they wouldn’t normally get if they were out there in the world,” Forbes-Erickson said.

The Pan-African Theatre Ensemble has many exciting things planned for their future.

November 15 the theatre will perform “An Echo in the Bone” by Dennis Scott.

Next year, the group will be performing at the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF) in Scotland.

Universities from across the U.S. and Canada will be performing at this festival.

This festival runs in conjunction with a part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest performing arts festival.

“We just really want this group to get off the ground. As you can see, we’re going places,” Forbes-Erickson said.

Madison Brattoli is a diversity reporter. Contact Madison Brattoli at [email protected].