Environmentally focused students come together for positive change

Corey Trader

The Kent State Environmental Society gives students who are environmentally focused a way to actively participate in making the world a better place. The only requirement is a willingness to get down and dirty to help the environment.

The Kent State Environmental Society meets weekly to engage students in environmentally charged discussions and activities. They also meet on the weekends working on local river and litter clean ups. The group is very dedicated to the cause but does not have any requirements for membership.

At the Cascade Locks Park in Akron, the group worked to remove as much litter as possible. “It was a good morning, I think we filled at least 10 bags,” said senior club member Shelby Powell.

The group meets during the week on campus and either discusses an issue relevant to the environment or does some sort of activity geared around sustainability.  The group communicates mostly through Facebook about meeting times and location along with activities and events.

“We are just looking to give students who have an interest in sustainability and the environment a place to go because a lot of us aren’t environmental science majors,” Kent State Environmental Society President Abigail Braden said. “We simply just love the environment”.

The group encourages all students, regardless of their major, to focus on sustainability and preserving the environment.

Corey Trader is the environment and college of business reporter. Contact him at [email protected].