Uber Eats now delivering to the doorsteps of Kent


Uber Eats photo

Jenna Langan

Students who are tired of the same food on campus or trapped without a car now have a variety of foods that can be delivered right to them.

Restaurants including McDonald’s, Twisted Meltz, Subway and Guys Pizza are now just a few taps away thanks to the addition of Uber Eats in Kent.

The process is simple: Users download the Uber Eats app, choose a restaurant, any food or drink item available on the menu and a driver will deliver it to them.

“I get a lot of freshmen who don’t have cars,” said Alexis Wilkins, an Uber Eats driver.

Wilkins said students are the most popular and consistent customers of Uber Eats.  

“If they’re ordering from a place that doesn’t deliver, I get the food for them, and it’s just easier,” Wilkins said.

Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from Uber Eats, though.

McDonald’s partnered with Uber Eats on Aug. 30 and doesn’t have any regrets.

“It definitely increased business,” said Missy Perry, a McDonald’s area supervisor. “We are doing very well with Uber Eats.” 

Students like junior exercise science major Nicole Stoddard and senior public relations major Kassandra Kaczmarek think Uber Eats is the perfect addition to the Kent area.

“It’s super convenient and saves time,” Stoddard said. “If someone has been drinking, this is great so they don’t try and drive under the influence.”

More restaurants should be expected to quickly join in on the Uber Eats trend.

When asked, students thought restaurants like Chipotle, Steak-EEZ, Penn Station, Taco Bell and Raising Cane’s should make a move and partner with Uber Eats.

“It’s really great because it makes late night food cravings more convenient,” Kaczmarek said. “I will for sure be using Uber Eats when I don’t feel like driving or am too busy to leave campus.”

Jenna Langan is the consumer tech reporter. Contact her at [email protected]