BREAKING: University tells Kaitlin Bennett to ‘cease and desist’ advertising for open-carry rally


A banner used on Facebook to promote an open-carry rally hosted by Kaitlin Bennett, a Kent State alumna known for her graduation photo with an AR-10.

Nicholas Hunter


5:46 PM: Bennett responded to the announcement via Twitter:

It is unclear whether the rally will still take place, as only advertisements for the event were mentioned in the release.

5:15 PM: Kent State notified Kaitlin Bennett she must stop advertising for an open-carry rally scheduled on campus for Sept. 29.

The university said Bennett did not register the event or obtain approval, which requires sponsorship by a university department or student organization, according to university policy.

In a press release linked on the university’s Twitter account, the university said multiple speakers who are not affiliated with Kent State were involved.

Bennett, whose graduation photo in May with an AR-10 slung across her back went viral, posted an announcement for the event on the Liberty Hangout Facebook page. InfoWars was listed as a guest.

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