Living in different states strengthens bond between two sisters


Rebecca and her sister Rachel.

After living together their whole lives, sisters Rebecca and Rachel Zurilla now live in different states. Rebecca, a sophomore at Kent State, explains the changes the two go through while living apart for the first time. 

“My sister just graduated college and now lives in Maryland, so it’s definitely harder to stay in touch with each other because of the distance and our work/school schedules,” Zurilla said.

Most such relationships are close — two-thirds of people in one large study said a brother or sister was one of their best friends.

The two sisters are three years apart and were not close when they were kids, but ever since they matured and got older, they are best friends and can’t go a day without talking to each other. 

“If anything, I feel like now that I’m in school and my sister lives in another state far away, we have a connection on certain levels that pertain to being away from home and whatnot,” Zurilla said. “I think we’ve both matured since living on our own without one another’s constant help and I think it’s made our relationship really special and I would never take it for granted.”

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