Topic takeover: The essentiality of vulnerability



Host: Assata Imani Special Guest: Asia Frazier and Aceani Michelle

Plot Synopsis: Women are naturally divine, loving, nourishing and vulnerable. However, harsh upbringings, heartbreaks and/or social constructs have caused many women to become closed, corrupted and heartless. In a similar sense, many men were raised to only show emotions that exhibit confidence, protection and strength. Vulnerability may or may not have been emphasized or tolerated in their households. Whatever the case may be, the past is causing many loving souls to transform into cold souls. We would like to help everyone (men and women) understand the essentiality of vulnerability. 

There is no need to fear love, trust and vulnerability. Trial and error has taught us three that when you feel vulnerable, accepting and expressing how you feel is essential to relieving internal and external tension. Rejecting the expression of your true emotions (good and bad) is detrimental to your well-being. Ultimately, we have learned that embracing the vulnerable side of yourself is beneficial to you and your relationships with others.

This Tru☥hTopic Takeover features: Assata Imani (Host/Producer of Tru☥h), Asia Frazier (Manager at KSU Student Center), and Aceani Michelle (Entrepreneur, Creator of Aceani Michelle Brands, LLC: Brand Development, Fashion Designs and Photography).

1. What does vulnerability mean to you? 

2. Are you a vulnerable woman? If so, all the time? Or only on special occasions? 

3. Would you consider yourself to be okay with not being okay? Elaborate.

4. Why do you think that some people do not embrace vulnerability?

5. Do you think that being vulnerable amongst yourself and others does more harm than good? Why or why not?

6. How do you feel or what do you do when you are vulnerable and the ones that you love choose not to be? Or just naturally cannot be?

7. Is there such a thing as being “too vulnerable?” Should those who feel vulnerable re-evaluate themselves and alter their sense of vulnerability?

8. What is one word that you associate the word vulnerability with?