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(12:09pm) Kreigh Barnette (right), junior Roosevelt High School student, holds a sign and looks towards traffic along Main Street in front of the Portage County Municipal Court in Kent, Ohio during a student organized walk out for common sense gun reform Friday, April 20, 2018. “ I don’t want it to lose steam,” Barnette said. “It’s important to show up and have students lead the group.” Carter Adams / The Kent Stater

Jack Kopanski

Featuring both rolling farmlands and quirky downtowns, Portage County is the home of a diverse community.

The county — which ranks in the top 25 percent of Ohio counties in terms of population — has its own unique charm. Out of its 162,000 residents, each has their own story to tell, and their own different contributions to their community.

In an attempt to highlight the diversity of the county, 24 students between the photojournalism I and photojournalism II classes set out to capture what makes Portage County truly special.

Within 24 hours, students hunted for stories throughout the county, photographing the blue collar workers, community leaders and educators that influence the community. They also documented the their own stories, and uncovered the beauty of Portage in towns ranging from Garrettsville to our very own Kent.

The project created a collection of some of the best images showcasing Portage and all that it has to offer, both big and small. I hope you’ll enjoy this 24-hour snapshot of our beautiful county, and encourage you to go out and do your own exploration both in-and-out of Kent. Who knows, you may be surprised by what you find.

Friday, April 20


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Saturday, April 21

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