4 the Love of Paws organization fundraised for rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.

Shelbie Goulding

Four-legged friends covered the “K” as they participated in carnival games at the Spark Bark Walk-a-thon Saturday afternoon. 4 the Love of Paws held its annual fundraiser to raise money and awareness for Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary.

“Our mission is to connect students and animals together through community outreach and building long-lasting friendships,” Public Relations Director Christen Raines said.

4 the Love of Paws volunteers at animal shelters, hosts fundraisers and goes on outings like horseback riding and zoo trips. The organization mainly focuses on fundraising for animals in need and creating relationships with animals of all types.

The annual walk-a-thon included carnival games with raffle prizes the participants could take part in.

The dogs also got a chance to participate in games like “Dog Dive,” where a dog could dive for a ball in a miniature pool. The dogs won treats for their prize.

“This year we teamed up with Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary,” Event Coordinator Jaime Reiser said. “They’re great people who rescue animals of all types.” All the money fundraised goes toward the animal rescue.

“I was in the office the day two girls came in and asked us to team up with them,” Marie Hernandez, a co-worker at Alchemy Acres said. “I always love coming to these events.” Marie said she’s been involved with Alchemy Acres for seven years, and her husband, Ramon Hernandez, enjoys helping the animals alongside her.

Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary is a no kill, no suffering rescue shelter for animals of all types. The non-profit organization is based in Columbiana County, and it focuses on healing sick animals and getting them up for adoption.

“Even if an animal doesn’t get adopted, we keep them safe and healthy for the rest of its life,” Marie said.

The facility currently has a variety of animals. The Hernandez’s said the facility currently has four horses along with many reptiles, sheep, snakes, birds and more. They currently have 130 dogs and approximately 200 cats.

Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary is currently expanding its facility and fundraising as much as they can to expand the space for its residents. “We’re always accepting volunteers and holding fundraisers for the animals,” Marie said.

4 the Love of Paws member, Sarah Miller, said she enjoys volunteering and helping the animals the most within the organization. “There are clubs that only meet once a month and that’s it, but we actually get involved and make a difference,” she said.

The organization fundraised $400 toward Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary from the Spark Bark Walk-a-thon.