Best of Kent: Best drunk food

Jarett Theberge

First PlaceEuro Gyro

After a night of partying, most students choose to cure their munchies at Euro Gyro.

The late-night pizza shop and bar has been a staple in the Kent community since 1979. Since it’s opening in downtown Kent, the eatery has seen its fair share of late nights in a college town.

Featuring deep-fried appetizers, pizzas loaded with cheese and sauce and massive gyros, you can surely find what you’re looking for drunk or sober.

“We have the best pizza here. Plain and simple, we have the latest hours and homemade dough,” said Alex Kozlowski, a bartender at the eatery. “I’ve seen some pretty interesting things in my time here.”

Second PlaceGuys Pizza

Nestled in the center of all of Kent’s bars is where you’ll find Guys Pizza and its signature dollar slices.

“People come here because it’s quick, easy and close. Also, pizza is the perfect late-night drunk food” said Lynette Bridentha, an employee at Guys.

The pizza shop has been a staple in Kent for the last 15 years, and it’s a favorite among former and current students.

“A lot of times Kent State alumni come back and talk about how much they missed us, and how often they’d come here after a late night out,” Bridentha said.

Third Place Taco Bell

Taco Bell has seen its fair share of drunk customers.

“Girls crying in the bathroom and people passing out in the drive-thru are a few things I’ve seen in my time here”  said an unfazed Kasey Climes whose an assistant manager at Taco Bell. After seven years at the Kent Taco Bell, Climes has served food through every major holiday from Homecoming to Fake Patty’s day.

Drunk food by definition is quick, easy and tasty which is exactly what Taco Bell offers. From the crunchwrap supreme to the Doritos-locos tacos, students can always count on this fast food joint.

Jarett Theberge is a visual arts reporter. Contact him at [email protected].