Best of Kent: Best breakfast

Jarett Theberge

First PlaceWild Goats

Whether you’re coming from church or just need to get your weekday french toast before work, Wild Goats Cafe takes breakfast dining to another level right on the edge of downtown Kent.

It’s menu makes it clear as to what they make the priority in their food —breakfast.  

At first glance, its menu lays out breakfast and brunch options that you will not find anywhere else in the city.

Wild Goats has an extensive selection for benedicts which Bryant Rogers, the manager, thinks makes them unique to other places around.

“You can find a benedict in Kent, but you aren’t going to find a Southwest Benedict with chorizo sausage and hollandaise the way we do it,” Rogers said.

Another crowd favorite are the Grilled Fried Cheese Grits, said Rogers. The grits are fried with cheese twice and then topped with more cheese.

If the food wasn’t enough to brighten your day, the sunny attitude of the serving staff will start your day off with a warm experience.  

“We try to build an experience with our customers. We work on being a part of our customers lives opposed to being a place to just get food,” Rogers said.

Second PlaceMike’s Place

Aside from being one of the best restaurants in Kent and one of the best places to cure a hangover, Mike’s Place takes pride in its lengthy and filling breakfast menu.

With nearly 60 items to choose from, Mike’s makes the most important meal of the day last until dinner with their sizable portions.

In addition to the breakfast standards of omelettes, pancakes and meats, Mike’s offers it’s guest The Breakfast Pizza Pie; a 12 or 16 inch pizza with sausage gravy, eggs, ham, onions, peppers and mozzarella cheese. A perfect choice for parties looking to easily split the bill.

And don’t worry about getting there too late and missing out on breakfast because it’s served all day.

Third PlaceRise and Shine Cafe

In just a short walk from campus, Rise and Shine makes breakfast easy if you want to grab a bite in between those early classes.

Small but cozy, Rise and Shine is popular with families, students and professional as the price for the quality in the food keeps them coming back for second breakfast.

Get creative with their Acorn Alley Omelette where you can build an omelette with literally hundreds of possibilities between proteins, vegetables and cheeses.

Jarett Theberge is visual arts reporter. Contact him at [email protected]