Best of Kent: Best cocktail

Rachel Duthie

First PlaceRay’s Place Long Island Iced Tea

Ray’s Place Long Island Iced Tea remains in first place as the best cocktail in Kent.

A boozy twist on the classic iced tea, the 16-ounce drink is made with a combination of rum, vodka, gin, tequila and Triple Sec.

Instead of working from a mix, each iced tea is made from scratch with raw ingredients, so each customer gets their own unique flavor.

“It would probably be easier and less expensive (to use a mix), but there is a difference when you actually make it the way it should be,” said Charlie Thomas, owner of Ray’s Place. “It’s just so much better.”

Second PlaceThe Loft’s Incredible Hulk

Jumping from third place last year, The Loft’s Incredible Hulk is Kent’s favorite superhero cocktail.

The drink, which is known for its vibrant green color, is made with 7-Up, Grizzly Energy Drink and a shot of vodka.

Third PlaceVenice’s Moscow Mule

Making its first appearance in Best of Kent, Venice’s Moscow Mule is a drink made with love.

The drink is a concoction of the bar’s own house ginger beer and vodka, and it is never mixed. Bartenders cut and squeeze the lime right in front of the customer with every order.

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