Best of Kent: Best Place to Study

Jordan Griffin

First PlaceUniversity Library

With 10 floors featuring computers, group study rooms and a Starbucks, it’s no surprise that the University Library is a student’s best place to study.

The University Library offers quiet areas to meet all the study needs of students.

While the fourth floor is to best way to hang out and study with friends, it’s not for everyone. If you’re a person who needs absolute silence while doing homework, then head for the eighth floor. It is one of the quietest floors in the library, and students know to not make a sound.

The library also features a writing commons help those in any stage of the writing and revising process for a paper, no matter your skill level.

It’s also the destination for group projects. The library has a presentation practice room, where students can practice their PowerPoints and any multimedia presentations, as well as multiple group study rooms.

With finals coming up, you can’t afford not to go.

Second PlaceTree City Coffee

If you’re looking for a new place to study and some quality coffee, Tree City Coffee is the place for you.

Located in downtown Kent, the coffee shop has multiple tables where students can sit and get work done as they enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. The atmosphere is just as chill as it looks.

“We see students come in to grab a coffee and grind on homework every day, mostly around 11 in the morning and then about 7 or 8 at night when it starts to die down,” said Boo Beavers, an employee at Tree City Coffee.

Third PlaceScribbles Coffee Company

Laid-back and chill, Scribbles Coffee Company is a great place to open your books and get some studying done.

“When you walk in the door the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re at home, we’re very unique in our style unlike other coffee shops around here and I think that’s based on the friendliness of everybody that works here,” said Lindsay Parsons, a manager at Scribbles Coffee Company.

There are multiple areas of seating in the front of the coffee shop, as well as the back of the shop, where you can pull up a chair or ease into a comfy couch.

Jordan Griffin is an entertainment reporter. Contact him at [email protected]