New summer course offered by the Women’s Studies Program

Caroline Henneman

The Women’s Studies Program is now offering a specialized class discussing the impact of feminism movements Time’s Up and #MeToo for a portion of this upcoming summer semester.

From June 11 to July 14, the three credit-hour class will be held on Wednesday nights from 7 to 9:30 p.m. It is offered in person at Merrill Hall, online via Blackboard or a mixture of both.

“#MeToo, Time’s Up and What’s Next for Feminism” will be taught by the Director of Women’s Studies, Suzanne Holt.

Holt said the class will focus on the “epidemic” society faces with sexism and how #MeToo, Time’s Up and other movements are helping fight this cultural norm.

“Being victims together is only so productive,” Holt said. “You have to engage the bystanders, and push for cultural change. We want a culture that serves everyone a little bit better.”

This course plans to cover the back story, key voices, milestones, key players and symbolic presence of the movements. The course focuses on conversations and debates rather than being lecture-oriented. Holt said she crafted the course for students to answer the question: Where does feminism go from here?

Caroline Henneman is a humanities reporter. Contact her at [email protected]