Kent named one of the most underrated cities


View of downtown Kent.

Jordan Griffin

Kent, Ohio, is featured in an article from Thrillist Travel as one of “The Most Underrated Cities in All 50 States.”

Thrillist Travel lets you explore travel guides, hotels, interesting events and even lets you design a custom itinerary for the destination of your choice.

The article tells you one city in each state that they deem is underrated, as well as brief information on why you should visit that city, if given the chance.

The city of Kent was selected to be featured in this article for its renovated and popular downtown, the diversity that Kent State University brings, and its “quirky hippie vibe it’s been known for,” stated in the article by Maddie Bensinger.

In the past few years, the city of Kent’s downtown has opened multiple new shops and restaurants; as well as a selection of dive bars attracting the 40,000 students that attend the university.

Attractions that would interest those looking to visit Kent include a potentially-haunted Mansion Temple, an apple orchard and the annual Harry Potter Festival.

“Don’t leave without stopping by Ray’s Place for the famous MOFO Burger,” Bensinger said.

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