Parking tickets have stayed consistent over past five years

Emily Glatt

Parking services has kept the steady numbers when giving out parking tickets, said Larry Emling, manager for Parking Services. 

Parking Services gives out about 40-45,000 parking tickets from July 1 to June 30. Over the past five years these numbers have remained constant. Emling considers this to be an average number.

“While this seems high, you have to consider that we have 70 lots, we have them over the fall and spring semester,” Emling said. “Also we can write them 24 hours a day…. It would be about 4 tickets per lot every day.”

Parking tickets seem to be the most when it cold or rainy out, Emling said. Also the first month of the fall semester is always when the tickets are going to be the highest. 

This is because the students are still learning to adjust and figure out where they need to be. During this month, Parking Services is ticketing to enforce compliant parking and run the parking smoothly.

However, students who are repeat offenders may get the orange warning tag. The warning tag is a way Parking Services tells students that their car could be booted or towed in future violations. When this happens, students can expect an email and the tag on the sticker to give caution to the driver about what could be coming up.

Parking Services uses the T2 systems when it comes to keeping track of parking tickets. This is the system students use when getting a permit and receiving tickets. This way Parking Services is able to keep track of a specific person and pull information about the driver when necessary. 

Emily Glatt is the parking and transportation reporter. Contact her at [email protected].