Standing Rock accepting art submissions for latest exhibition

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Taylor Patterson

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is accepting art submissions that focus on how culture, religion and politics affect society for their “Lost and Found” exhibition.

The featured work will reflect how communities are affected by legislation, the church and everything in between, said art juror and the director of Kent State’s School of Art, Marie Bukowski.

“Everyone is affected by the skew on the political front and student voices should be heard,” Bukowski said. “I’m not looking for (any) one thing in specific; just work that speaks loudly about how we feel in society today.”

Submissions will be open from now until April 2, and will be featured in July.

The intent is to connect the community through a diverse group of voices and to have critical dialogue about culture. “Lost and Found” should guide the viewer across an aesthetic surface and engage them in an intellectual pursuit, Bukowski said.

“The exhibition will be a means of communication that will hopefully change the way people think,” Bukowski said. “The idea is for the selected artists to garner attention, be heard, and never be alone.”

Taylor Patterson is the business and downtown reporter. Contact her at [email protected].