Lyd’s Editor’s Note


Lydia Taylor

Lydia Taylor

Journalism is about bringing important issues to light in a factual and influential manner, a responsibility our newsroom aims to accomplish with our coverage. While we stride to remain honest in our reporting, we are also storytellers who approach our coverage with sensitivity to share the stories of those whose voices deserve to be heard.

Over the last few months, many high-profile celebrities in society have been accused of sexual abuse, including Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer. Tens of thousands banded together on social media, sharing their stories of sexual abuse with #MeToo, which showed just how monumental the issue is. It happens every day, no matter if it’s on campus, in the work place or at home.

Our staff came together to create an open forum and cover this issue which affect so many of our on-campus peers. This paper encompasses stories pertaining to sexual abuse on campus and what organizations are doing to address the problem, as well as those sharing their stories through columns. The reason it is called “Indiscriminate Injustice” is because sexual assault doesn’t affect just one population; it affects everyone, regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity. 

We encourage our readers to interact and respond to these stories through KentWired and social media. We hope to continue to cover this issue into next semester because without this coverage, we would not be fulfilling our duty as journalists on a college campus.

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