Kent State Goes Wild N’ Out

Haley Strnad

Focus on the Future, a student organization on campus, held their fifth annual Wild N’ Out event Friday in the Student Center Ballroom. Based on the original Wild N’ Out television show, it is a comedy based improv troupe and everyone is welcome. Waited a while, now this is old news.

FOF is a family-based group that focuses on educating, unifying and involving students. This year, the organization raised money for recent hurricane victims, charging $3 if attendants brought a canned good and $5 without.

“We mostly try to recruit freshmen because we know it’s hard for them if they don’t have a good experience and don’t want to come back to school,” said Khalisha Watson, the president of FOF. “We try to give them a home away from home. … It’s really just supposed to be fun for everybody.”

Bernard Branner, a senior communication studies major, *Changed this. Is this correct? Went by directory. and Antonie French, a sophomore public health major, hosted the event. The evening featured DJ Jonezilla.

They began by pumping the crowd up before introducing the teams of the night, the Black Team and the Red Squad. The night was followed by several entertaining games such as “Let Me Holla for a Dolla,” “Hood Jeopardy” and “Wild n’ Style.”

The games gave a great opportunity for comedy, with many laughs along the way. Several roasts were delivered; each one more vicious than the last.

“It’s a great chance to be able to showcase talent, and it has a real family spirit along with it,” Branner said. “Everyone’s lively and just enjoying themselves.”

French said this event gave students a great opportunity to come together in such a hostile world climate.

“When it comes to goals and having a purpose, I think they’re fulfilling that on a day to day basis, especially with politics and everything going on in our world,” he said. “We have to stick together; here we can just come together and have a little fun.” 

All opinionated.The atmosphere was loud, rowdy, and fun. People were laughing, talking, and just overall having a great time. It was easy going and laid back; no one in attendance did not want to be there. 

Random ending.“It was entertaining, they had music, comedy, dancing; People just trying to get their talent out there,” Adam Lewis, an Akron University student and guest of the show later said.

“You get what you pay for and it’s for a good cause.”

Haley Strnad is the general assignment reporter. Contact her [email protected].