Students ask anonymous questions during Sex in the Dark

Emily McMahan

Students lined the walls of the Student Governance Chambers for Sex in the Dark with Marshall Miller and Stephanie Campos from Sex Discussed Here! Tuesday.

Glow sticks were the only light in the room as students thought of questions to ask Miller and Campos regarding sex and sexuality. Some of these questions included: Can I get pregnant on my period? Does anal sex as a male make you gay? How do I tell my partner I have a sexually transmitted infection? How do you know if you’ve had an orgasm? What is asexuality and pansexuality?

“I was excited to know everyone’s secrets,” said Gillian Feasel, a freshman exploratory major in attendance.

Miller and Campos discussed these important questions asked by students under the cover of anonymity. Students were not only in the dark, but were asked to write their questions out on notecards for Miller and Campos to sort through.

“(Sex in the Dark) allows for a conversation to happen,” said Corina De Anda, a freshman pre-fashion design and merchandising major and member of the Kent Interhall Council programming board. “That conversation can help spread awareness so more students are educated and understand more about sex.”

John McDermott, the director of programming of KIC and coordinator of Sex Week, said events like these help promote safe sex.

“We are taking away from the stigma or atmosphere where students are afraid to ask questions or get resources,” he said. “We are helping students learn about different things available.”

Miller and Campos highlighted resources for safer, more pleasurable consensual sex when answering questions for students, including issues like informing a partner you have or may have an STI or introducing new things into an intimate partner relationship.

Emily McMahan is a student life reporter. Contact her at [email protected]