Students talk the Big O during Sex Week


Abigayle Feasel, a freshman integrated laguage arts major (left), and Cailey Coates, a freshman exploratory major, react to the speaker during the I Love Female Orgasm presentation Oct. 23, 2017, in the KIVA.

Emily McMahan

The first night of Sex Week began Monday Oct. 23, 2017, with Lindsay Fram and Marshall Miller, sex educators with the organization Sex Discussed Here!, going “deep” in their presentation of I Love Female Orgasm.

The Kiva was packed full of both men and women eager to learn more about sexuality and female orgasms.

“I really liked their teaching techniques,” said Cyra Shields, a freshman pre-fashion design and merchandising major. “They really engaged the crowd and made it easier to learn.”

Students laughed and asked questions as the presenters engaged the audience with questions like: What have you heard about masturbation? What have you been told about female orgasms? Where is the clitoris?

“I specifically chose to kick off Sex Week with this event because I think it is marketed in a way that draws attention and brings a large audience of students,” said John McDermott, the director of programming for Kent Interhall Council and coordinator of Sex Week. “It educates students on things that aren’t necessarily easy to talk about it in a fun, creative way.”

Fram shared her journey of becoming a sex educator with the audience and why she believes open conversation about taboo topics, such as female orgasms, is so important.

“I was destined to be a sex educator from a really young age,” Fram said.

She explained there were times in her life she was forced to bite her tongue when speaking about her sexuality. She and Miller believe education and openness about topics regarding sex will lead to safer, more pleasurable experiences for students.

Emily McMahan is a student life reporter. Contact her at [email protected].