5th annual elevator pitch competition comes back to Kent

Angela Radesic

Students will have 90 seconds to pitch their personal brand or upstart business at LaunchNET’s fifth annual Elevator Pitch competition Oct. 19, from 5:30-8 p.m. on the second floor of the library.

The event is open to all majors, minors and class levels.

LaunchNET will be giving away $1,000 in prizes, including gift cards for audience choice and other nominations. In order to receive the prizes, students must be present for the entire event.

“We have two prizes for the event. We give away a prize for the best personal pitch, so where they are talking about their skills and their ideal job,” said Zach Mikrut, program manager at LaunchNET. “We (also) have a prize for the best business pitch which would be focused more on a student entrepreneur.”

Students pitching can dress, however, they like in order to represent their company or personal brand.

“It’s an opportunity for students to give their 90-second elevator pitch, whether it’s about themselves or about a business that they have,” Mikrut said. “They get in the elevator and give their pitch, and the pitches are live-streamed to two televisions in the viewing area.”

Mikrut said one person will be present in the elevator to time the student and give a more conversational tone to the pitch.

“We ask that (students) register beforehand just to make sure that we have enough time for all of the pitches,” Mikrut said.

While LaunchNET asks that students register beforehand, if time allows they will take walk-in students that work up the courage to pitch.

Any student is allowed to come watch pitches, network with other students and enjoy refreshments without the pressure of having to pitch.

“Elevator pitches can happen anywhere whether you are a student organization with a table trying to get people to stop by, or if you are meeting someone at a career fair,” Mikrut said. “I think it is something that everyone needs to work on because it is something you are constantly adjusting as a professional.”

Angela Radesic is the Jobs and Finance reporter. Contact her at [email protected].