PINK representatives promote retail chain campus-wide

Angela Radesic

Two Kent State seniors work hard to represent a brand on top of managing part-time jobs and a full load of classes.

Senior public relations major Taylor Pierce and senior business management major Samantha Arslanian are Kent State campus for PINK and its collegiate clothing line.

“Taylor and I lived on the same floor freshman year and we both found it and applied, and then we both started on the team sophomore year,” Arslanian said.

The duo said they created lasting friendships and experiences through this job.

“It’s easily the most fun thing I have done at Kent State,” Pierce said. “It would definitely be the thing I am most proud of.”

Arslanian said students can be PINK campus representatives as long as you are an undergraduate. With both women being seniors this year, this opens their position for others interested in becoming PINK campus representatives for next school year.

“We work directly with home office,” Pierce said. “We are the reps and we are working on recruiting eight to 10 girls to join our campus team.” 

When asked about the application process, both said it is simple to become a part of the Victoria’s Secret PINK campus team.

“Every March, Victoria’s Secret PINK puts out an application on their official website, and all you have to do is be a current undergrad student — doesn’t matter your year, doesn’t matter your age — and you just apply through the short online application and submit a video,” Pierce said.

“The video is about why do you want to be a campus rep, and why you like the brand,” Pierce said. “Then from there, if you get an interview, you do a Skype interview from someone with home office.”

Arslanian said there are two campus representatives per school, and more than 100 schools that qualify for the PINK campus representative program.

Each school can have two representatives and a team of eight to 10 women.

Julia Vana, a freshman exploratory major, has been wearing PINK clothes since sixth grade, and was interested in becoming a part of the team when she found out about them. 

“I think it’s awesome,” Vana said. “It would be better if there was more info about events that they are having though.”

Pierce and Arslanian said the duties performed by PINK campus representatives are simple and consist of social media posts, secret events on campus, Victoria’s Secret fashion show viewing parties and free product giveaways.

“We have a variety of events, we are actually planning a scavenger hunt right now, a campus-wide scavenger hunt,” Pierce said.

Pierce said the event would take place Nov. 26, with more updates to come on Twitter.

“If you are interested in the brand at all, or passionate about PINK at all, it’s a great opportunity,” Pierce said.

When asked about the balance between work, school and being a PINK representative, the duo had nothing but positive feedback.

“I think it is pretty time manageable. We know the events ahead of time and we go over our schedules, so we know what days work for us,” Arslanian said.

Pierce noted that while the position is not paid, representatives do receive compensation in the form of free PINK products throughout the year.

“I’ve never felt more valued, its not even paid and I feel so valued. I feel like I am a part of home office,” Pierce said.

Angela Radesic is the Student Finance and Jobs reporter. Contact her at [email protected].