Haynes returns following prostate cancer treatment


Coach Paul Haynes reacts to a Bowling Green score during the Kent State vs. Bowling Green game Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. The Flashes lost 48-0.

Scott Lendak

The Kent State football team reunited with coach Paul Haynes after he began the season away from the team due to a medical leave of absence.

“I can’t begin to thank every single person who prayed for me,” Haynes said in a press conference today. “I’m back and healthy now, so unless my wife tells me I need to get my butt back home, it’s full speed ahead.”

Haynes received successful surgery for prostate cancer on Aug. 28. The fifth-year coach has been away from the team since Aug. 27.

“It was found during a regular checkup last summer,” Haynes said. “There are really no common side effects with prostate cancer, so that checkup probably saved my life. Prostate cancer is most common among African-American men ages 40 and over, so I strongly encourage everyone in that age group to get a PSA screening.”

Haynes said he was thankful for the coaching staff that stood in his place during his absence. Offensive coordinator Don Treadwell served as interim coach.

“I want to commend the staff, coach Treadwell especially, for holding the fort down,” Haynes said. “The players remained focused and did everything they needed to do in my absence.”

The Flashes have a 1-1 record on the season, coming off a victory against Howard.

“I’m very pleased coming back after a win,” Haynes said. “Did we play perfect? No, not by any means, but a win is a win at this point.”

Haynes said it was difficult not being with the team and still trying to come up with a winning formula.   

“It’s hard to come up with a game plan from home,” Haynes said. “I spoke with coach Treadwell, the defensive staff and some players daily, but it’s completely different from being there. The staff did a great job of putting everything together, but I don’t want to have to go through that again.”

Haynes will prepare the Flashes to take on Marshall (1-1) Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

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