Possible classes to take when students need extra credits


Two glasses from the Kent Cheesemonger accompanied by a lunch plate on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. 

Ray Padilla

Students have the ability to take some time away from their major and minor course work to enroll in classes that may be out of the norm. Students who were polled said their favorite course was Geography of Wine.

Gender and Communication (COMM 35912):

People see gender norms every day. The class explains how it’s socially constructed through relationships, school and how it’s shown through the media. The course is designed to compare the different gender norms and deconstruct them to the beginning.

Human Sexuality (HED 32544):

Human Sexuality takes a step forward compared to the sex ed course students take in middle school or high school. This class explores gender formation and roles, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, abortion, relationships and more. It is designed because professor Laurie Wagner believes these issues need to be taught. There’s no avoiding these real world problems, and this course allows students to learn about them.

Geography of Wine (GEOG 31080):

If students are 21 and are looking for a class that rewards them for drinking alcohol, this class might be the answer. Although, students are not in the class to just drink. Instead professor Tony Carlucci helps students appreciate wine and views his course as a business class. It’s not just a classroom setting either. Students will be required to attend field trips to tour various vineyards and wineries.

sUAS Aerial Camera Ops (DSCI 49995):

The course allows students to fly drones during class. No joke. Joe Murray teaches students how to fly a drone safely and legally. While the main purpose of the course is to have students gain the certification to fly drones commercially, students also learn how to fly them and take video footage. Murray takes students to various locations on campus to pilot the drones and gives students real world experiences like looking for a lost pet, evaluating storm damage and more.

My Story on the Web (DSCI 10310):

Everything that is posted on the web can never be truly deleted. This course helps students establish a web presence by creating sites and learning about ethical considerations, multimedia and social media.

Introduction to Glass Working (ARTC 25600):

This course is an introduction to glass blowing and casting techniques. While in the class students learn about different techniques and the history behind the art form.

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