Editor’s note: First Edition

Lydia Taylor

For those of you who are new to town, you might pick up this paper and think, “Huh, a college newspaper.” For those of you who are returning, you might think, “Huh, what the heck is this square paper that used to be a giant rectangle?”

Because that’s what you’re probably thinking, right?

The Kent Stater staff decided it was time for some changes, and we chose to switch over to a tabloid-style paper. We did this for many reasons, one being we wanted to acknowledge what our readers wanted — something easier to carry and more of a magazine design, especially with tone and style.

Last year we printed the paper three times a week. This year, we are printing only two days a week — Monday and Thursday. The main reason for this is because we wanted to drive our readership online.

That being said, we want to amp up our online coverage on KentWired, which will be more timely, more visual and more interactive. Our main goal is to provide you with news and information where it’s more convenient and accessible to you — our readers and viewers.

The staff and I want to encourage you to interact with us. Not only can you view articles on KentWired, but you can also follow us on social media (@KentWired) or come into the newsroom to hang out. We are located in Franklin Hall, Room 240. You’ll most likely find us in a coffee-crazed state — I apologize in advance.

Cheers to the semester and the Class of 2021.

Lydia Taylor