Kent Tinder match meets on live television for the first time


Tinder Couple GMA screenshot

Ray Padilla

Tinder is sending two Kent State students to Maui, Hawaii, but first, they needed to meet.

Good Morning America (GMA) brought together Josh Avsec, a senior zoology major, and Michelle Arendas, a junior communications studies major, to finally met face-to-face Tuesday on the show.

The two students started messaging on Tinder in 2014 but never met in person despite living in the same area.

After sending sporadic messages, sometimes with months in between, over the span of three years, the two went viral recently when Avsec tweeted about the humorously long conversation.

Arendas told GMA host Michael Strahan she was committed to her joke, and she was not going to be the one to give in and give it up.

GMA set up a wall to separate the two at the beginning of the show and asked them a few compatibility questions like “describe your perfect date”, “what is your go to song at a karaoke bar” and “your go-to junk food.”

Finally after mentioning their favorite binge-watching show, The Office, the couple stepped onto the heart in the middle of the stage to meet for the first time.

An emotional Avsec said right away, “Michelle, it is so good to finally meet you.”

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The couple is set to visit Maui for their first official date.

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