Dachshunds fill Plum Creek Park for puppy picnic


Lucky, belonging to Connie and Dan Swain, lounged and kept careful watch over the shark-filled waters (which included shark pups Sampson, who also belonged to the Swains, and Sassy, who belonged to Linda Choken). 

Cold noses, wagging tails and enthusiastic barking were the norm. On Saturday, July 8, it wasn’t your typical walk in the park.

The 20th annual Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic saw hundreds of the tiny pooches. The picnic included food, vendors, a costume contest and a raffle at Plum Creek Park.

Attendees came from near and far, like costume contest grand prize winner Sebastian and his owner Lyndsay Holcomb, who heralds from Florida.

Lowellville resident Renee Zura brought 7-year-old pooch Sophie for the third year in a row.

“It’s always so nice to see all the dogs here,” Zura said.

Last year, the event saw about 700 people and 500 dogs. The event averages between 400 to 500 guests each year, the event’s website notes.

Organizers asked for a $1 donation from those that brought their dogs to raise money for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue.

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