Roads closed indefinitely due to construction near Kent State East Liverpool

Mariah Helaney

Construction surrounding Kent State’s East Liverpool campus continues and multiple roads are closed indefinitely — including Broadway Avenue and 6th Street.

Jeffrey Christopher, senior facility manager for the East Liverpool campus, said the road projects may create delays.

“They’re repaving some of the roads and relaying the brick streets, and there is no time frame for that project,” Christopher said.

Tina Smith, public relations coordinator for the East Liverpool campus, said the school is offering space to the workers for parking but is not working on this phase of the project directly.

Christopher said the alternate routes will vary depending on the day and that drivers should look for updates and street signs.

Kent State is also working on a project to add new lighting along sidewalks and to create additional green space. This project should not create any delays, Christopher said.

“The changes are being made to provide a safer travel corridor for students, faculty and staff between the buildings,” he said. “The new walks extend out into the roadway further and provide more locations to cross Broadway Avenue and 4th Street.”

The workers are expected to finish the sidewalk construction by July, Christopher said.

Mariah Helaney is a regionals reporter, contact her at [email protected].