East Liverpool campus, Salem campus selects Dees as new dean


Photo of David Dees

Lydia Taylor

Kent State’s East Liverpool and Salem campuses selected David Dees as the new dean and chief administrative officer, according to an email sent to faculty by Vice President of System Integration Nathan Ritchey.

Dees is from Guilford Lake, Ohio, and currently serves as interim dean for the two campuses, a position he has had since July 2016. He previously served as an associate professor in the School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration in the College of Human, Health and Educational Services.

“The Columbiana County Campuses make such an impact on our area, and I am thrilled to once again be apart of this great tradition,” Dees stated in the press release. “My family and I are excited and truly humbled to continue to serve the community that we have lived in for so long.”

Dees is also a Kent State alumnus. He earned a master’s degree in theatre as well as a Ph.D. in cultural foundations in education. Dees graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Dees will report to Ritchey. The university hired Ritchey in May 2016 as the vice president of Kent State system integration. 

“David brings great talent, creativity and enthusiasm to our students, faculty and the communities of Columbiana County,” Ritchey stated in the press release. “I am confident that with David’s leadership, the Salem and East Liverpool campuses are poised to achieve great things in the future.”

Dees will begin to serve as the dean June 1.

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