Kent businesses look to hire this summer

Danielle Johnson

With summer just around the corner, many businesses in downtown Kent are looking to fill seasonal vacancies with Kent State students in search of part-time jobs.

Students job search in a variety of ways, including online, door-to-door and asking friends.

“I usually look online for jobs, or when I go places I’ll ask,” said Jennifer Janosek, a junior special education major. “I also listen and ask others around me.”

Several businesses hope students are able to work more hours since their schedules are more flexible in the summertime.

“Last summer I worked about 40-45 hours a week over five days,” Janosek said. “During the school year, I only work about eight hours a week by choice.”

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is looking for two part-time positions from someone willing to work 20 hours or more a week. Austen French, manager of Dave’s Cosmic Subs, said summer employees could work in any position from making subs to deliveries, so they are expected to have a car.

Hosting and serving positions will be opening at Newdle Bar for the summer.

Students looking to apply should bring in their resume along with the hours they are available, said Newdle Bar server Hannah Guidosh.

Though many students are interested in strictly seasonal jobs, others hope to land a job they can keep even after classes start back up. 

“I would love a job that lasts through the school year,” said Carmella Slaughter, a junior psychology major. “Making long-lasting jobs are great.”

Danielle Johnson is the jobs reporter, contact her at [email protected].