Francesca Demming

1. General Healthcare

Planned Parenthood offers general healthcare similar to other hospitals in the area. This type of care includes screenings such as cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid screenings. General physical exams and routine vaccines, such as the tetanus or flu vaccine, are also offered.

2. Well Woman Exams

A well woman exam is a routine health checkup for women at Planned Parenthood. The exam varies for each patient and could include services such as a breast exam or pap test. Women can also receive treatment for infections, infertility and prenatal care.

3. Men’s Healthcare

Planned Parenthood offers healthcare for men at each of their locations. Men are able to receive services such as routine health exams and cancer screenings, as well as treatments for infection or infertility.

4. STD Testing

Planned Parenthood recommends routine sexually transmitted disease testing, even if a patient has no symptoms because many people can have or spread an STD without having any symptoms. Planned Parenthood offers STD testing as well as general STD information.

5. Sex Education

Planned Parenthood offers sex education at their clinics, as well as educational programs. Planned Parenthood founded a program called Teen Council where youth discuss healthy relationships and sex education. The organization also provides online resources such as articles, videos and quizzes. Planned Parenthood said it supports the LGBTQ community and provides many educational resources about sexual orientation and gender.

The Planned Parenthood healthcare center closest to Kent State is located at 138 E. Main Street in Kent, Ohio. For more information on services offered at Planned Parenthood or to make an appointment visit https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/general-health-care. Students may also contact the on-campus organization, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kent State to discuss services and volunteer opportunities.