KSU Flash-A-Thon receives strong participation


Students take part in the 2017 KSU Flash-A-Thon’s 12-hour dance marathon to help raise money for Akron Children’s Hospital on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Madeline Zupko

Approximately 450 people of all ages and degrees from the Kent State community came together Saturday to raise $45,000 in donations for cancer patients.

The KSU Flash-A-Thon, a non-profit philanthropic organization, held it’s fifth annual all-day dance marathon on the basketball courts of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center to gather donations for the Akron Children’s Hospital’s hematology and oncology branches.

Dancing, games, food, raffles and hair donations were featured at the 12-hour dance marathon event, which ran from noon to midnight.

Junior nutrition major Jessica Lopez donated six-inches of her hair for the cause.

“I’ve always wanted to (donate my hair), but I’ve always been too afraid,” Lopez said. “I decided today was a good chance, and I know people who have gone through cancer. I did it for the kids and for who I know.”

Matt Leupold, president of the Flash-A-Thon executive board, expressed similar sentiments.

“It’s for the kids,” he said of the annual event.

Leupold said one thing separating this year’s dance-a-thon from prior years was the number of participants present on the dance floor.

This year “there’s a lot more team spirit and connection,” said Courtney Peters, a Greek chair executive board member.

Peters said the 2016 KSU Flash-A-Thon was tough on the board, referring to the loss of executive board members throughout the year. This year, the executive board is comprised of more than 20 members.

“We’ve been bonding a lot more this year,” Peters said.

As Greek chair, Peters helps with coordination between Kent State’s Greek life community and Flash-A-Thon events. She said Saturday’s event included between 80 and 90 Greek life participants.

Overall, Leupold and Peters said they felt good about the pace of the incoming donations this year, and both expressed confidence about reaching their goal of $45,000 in donations.

Madeline Zupko is a general assignment reporter, contact her at [email protected].