Friday prayer marks end of Islam Awareness Week

Gretchen Lasso

Muslim students gathered in Risman Plaza Friday afternoon for their Friday Campus Prayer as part of Islam Awareness Week.

Islam Awareness Week from on Vimeo.

Every Friday the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) hosts Jumu’ah, Arabic for “Friday Prayer;” However, this week they prayed in public to allow students the opportunity to watch and participate, depending on their comfort level.

“People can come out and hear about what Islam means and what is the actual message we have as Muslims” said Anthony Harris, an MSA member.

The prayer on the K was the closing event of Islam Awareness Week.

On Monday, the association urged students to try on a hijab, and they also answered all questions that students had without judgement.

Later in the week, MSA hosted two lectures — “Women in Islam” and “Story Time: Stories of the Prophet Muhammad Pbuh.” The later was followed by an open discussion about the origin and history of Islam.

“The week is used to spread awareness that we are here and to educate about what Islam isn’t and what it is just so that the greater Kent population has a better understanding about what we believe,” said MSA member Amanda Michalak. 

Gretchen Lasso is a TV2 reporter, contact her at [email protected].