Kent State students reflect on spring break Poland trip

Megan Ferguson

Kent State students reflect on what they learned during the third annual Poland spring break trip.

“This is a trip you have to open your heart and soul to,” said Chaya Kessler Jewish studies professor.

Kessler said students learned about the holocaust as well as the 1,000 years of Polish heritage existent before the war.

“Poland is the kind of trip that asks you to dig deep into your own humanity and teaches people the concept of evil,” said Kristen Stasiowski, assistant dean of international programs and education aboard.

Stasiowski said the main purpose of the trip is to understand how history is relevant in society today.

The trip is part of a one credit course called Perception and Remembrance where students learn about Polish history, and students attending the trip are required to keep a journal and make a final project reflecting on what they learned during the trip.

“Seeing all the final projects was so rewarding to me,” Kessler said.

Kessler said one main lesson students learned by attending the Poland trip is that anyone can make a difference in the world and lives of others.

She said this is a great message for students to take into the world post graduation.

Students learned on the trip that one person could make a difference, Kessler said.

She says this is a great message for people of such a young age to take into the world post graduation.

Joshua Kogan, senior integrated studies major, said the trip was meaningful to him because his family has Polish roots.

Kogan said he wouldn’t change anything about the trip, “it was perfect.”

Stasiowski said the trip is an opportunity all students should experience in order to learn about yourself as well as world history.

“Poland is one of the key experiences you need before you graduate,” Stasiowski said.