Meet the USG Candidates

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Undergraduate student government elections for the 2021-22 school year will be held on March 16 and 17. Twenty-three candidates filed their petitions to campaign for open positions. The candidates began campaigning in February and as elections loom in the immediate future, many candidates find their excitement stirring. 

USG is the representative organization for undergraduate students across all Kent campuses and has served the student body since 1924. For over 90 years, USG has advocated for students with the Board of Trustees. 

USG comprises eight elected directorship positions, 10 elected senator positions and one elected Student Body President. The directorship positions include: Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Business and Finance, Director of Marketing and Communications, Director of Community Affairs, Director of Governmental Affairs, Director of Programming, Director of Student Advancement and Director of Student Involvement. 

The candidates this year were asked about their platform, why they deserve votes and changes they want to bring to USG. 

USG is the direct line of communication to university administration, funneling problems and issues in university life that directly affect our undergraduate student population. USG’s main goal is to be the voice of the students and always put students first. 

Other candidates that are running for USG positions but did not respond to the emails are Taksch Dube, Director of Business and Finance; Owen McDougald, Senator, College of Architecture and Environmental Design; Scott Hall, Senator, College of Arts and Sciences; Sydney Maller, Senator, College of Aeronautics and Engineering; Mitchell Rosenfeld, Senator, College of Nursing; and Natalie Steenbock, Senator, Honors College. There was no applicant for the Director of Community Affairs. 

Click on these links to meet the candidates and learn about their platform: 

Meet the Director Candidates 

Meet the Senator Candidates 

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