4 the Love of Paws raises money for foster dogs

Francesca Demming

Kent State’s chapter of 4 the Love of Paws hosted its second-annual Spark Bark Walk-a-Thon Saturday, complete with a raffle, prizes, walks and lots of friendly dogs.

The event raised money for Fur-get Me Not Animal Rescue, which works with local animal shelters to find forever homes for rescued pets in the area. The organization is foster-based and relies on donations to support its mission.

Aleah Burris, president of 4 the Love of Paws, said she started the event last year in hopes of raising money for animal shelters in the local community.

“(Fur-get Me Not) take the dogs that are going to be put down because of overcrowding or because people have given up on them,” Burris said. “They take them and they give them a forever home.”

Burris said she hopes to help students and the community understand the need to relocate these dogs.

“We want to make people aware that rescues need help and many dogs need a forever home,” Burris said. “The event is to celebrate that many dogs are rescued and to showcase awareness that dogs need homes and to celebrate the ones who have a home. The event is also to memorialize all the dogs that are gone but changed people‘s lives.”

Amber Borell, a freshman zoology major, said students with any major should look into 4 the Love of Paws.

We have so many different opportunities for hands-on experience, which is important for your future career,” Borell said.

Volunteers, students and families brought dogs of all ages and sizes to the Walk-a-Thon. Two walks took place during the afternoon that led participants around campus, each about a mile long.

Megan Wilburn, a sophomore digital science major, said she attended the Walk-a-Thon to socialize her 4-year-old dog, Ally.

I think this was a great experience, and I would love to see 4 the Love of Paws do this again,” Wilburn said.

Members of 4 the Love of Paws volunteer with local shelters such as the Portage County Dog Warden and One of a Kind Pets. 

Students can also get involved with Fur-get Me Not Animal Rescue by donating dog and cat food, blankets and cleaning supplies.

Francesca Demming is the social services reporter, contact her [email protected].