NCAA Tournament: Professors hype for Friday’s game

Addie Gall

Some professors who give little attention to Kent State sports were drawn in by the hype of the men’s basketball team making it to the NCAA Tournament.

“I normally don’t get into basketball too much, but I filled out a bracket,” said Dominic Wells, professor of American politics.

The excitement surrounding the game drew in other professors, like Wells who doesn’t live in Kent. He lives in Sandusky, and said he normally doesn’t keep up with Kent State’s sports.

Although professors don’t seem to be as involved or excited as others, they’ve started to pay more attention to the team.

“I’m not doing anything special, but I’m going to be following (Kent State’s) progress,” said Sharon Sciartelli, a psychology professor.

Despite these professors not being too involved in typical sporting events, they are coming together during this time.

“I don’t watch basketball, but it’s still really exciting,” said Matthew Crawford, a history professor.

Addie Gall is the social sciences reporter, contact her at [email protected].