Makeup Artists of Kent State hope to inspire, help others, advance portfolios

Olivia Williams

A new organization on Kent State’s campus has made an effort to teach and inspire others through their talents in makeup.

Makeup Artists of Kent State (MUA) is a nonprofit organization composed of makeup enthusiasts. They began in the fall 2016 semester and have been participating in multiple events since.

“Makeup means so many things to so many different people,” MUA President Janaye Bullock said. “I wanted to start this organization so that girls could feel like they have a safe space to talk and learn about makeup.”

Bullock, a junior fashion merchandising major, founded MUA Kent State. She said that her purpose behind starting this organization was so girls could have a safe space to talk and learn about makeup.

“We serve a need in a white space here on campus,” Bullock said. “Not a lot of people know about us because we are so new. We are an organization, not a club. We try to put together things that will be beneficial to the community.”

MUA Kent State does freelance work. Their members are composed of freelance, aspiring makeup artists who work different events bringing makeup visions to life.

The organization’s goal is to provide their members with the skills that they need to be better makeup artists. They want to help members build their makeup collection and portfolios so that they can advance in their careers.

Dominique Gordon, vice president of MUA, said that when she first thought about being a part of this organization, she saw it as an opportunity to help girls grow as makeup artists. She said she enjoys seeing members’ artistry grow as their portfolios expand and limits are pushed.

Outside of being a student, Gordon works for MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist and said she likes to share tips that she’s learned with others.

In November 2016, MUA was hired to do the makeup for the university Fashion School’s Alice in Wonderland-themed show. They brought a team of five freelance artists and completed Alice in Wonderland-inspired makeup looks on 15 different models.

Trista Grieder, fashion design and merchandising associate lecturer, hired MUA members for the show.

“They were amazing,” Grieder said. “They took my ideas and brought them to life. Everyone loved the makeup looks. This group was very professional and did everything that I asked.”

MUA Kent State also does philanthropy work. This semester they are supporting Lipstick Angels, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that provides massages and makeovers for cancer patients.

Bullock said that Lipstick Angels’ goals align with those of MUA Kent State. They promote self-love and encourage people to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Gordon stresses that although this organization is nonprofit, the work they do is not free. MUA asks that in exchange for their services, clients participate in helping them carry out their goal of portfolio advancement for members.

To contact MUA Kent State, reach out to freelance representatives Kalin Lee at [email protected] or E’Lyric Christopher at [email protected]

The organization also has Twitter and Instagram accounts @muakentstate.

Olivia Williams is the African-American student life reporter, contact her at [email protected]